Fruit acids Face mask


Ceramides with biogold
The presence of ceramides in the epidermis is necessary to keep the skin young. Ceramides act as a barrier retaining moisture and nourishing substances to support the skin from inside. The triple action of ceramides with biogold:
1 – securing the mask’s effect by restoring the lipidic layer of the skin,
2 – providing maximum and prolonged moisturization
3 – preventing ageing of skin.
Ceramides 3, biogold, collagen, hyaluronic acid,
vitamins C, B5, E, glycerin, glacial water.


Fruit acids help to peel off the surface skin layer, stimulate the production of new cells, improve blood circulation, provide the skin with moisture, stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen fibres. The mask softens and smoothes your skin, prevents plugging of the oil glands which are important for curing acne.
After using the mask with fruit acids the colour of the skin improves, skin looks younger and fresher.
Fruit acids (grape, apple, lemon), hyaluronic acid, vitamin E.